Cassian Baliarsingh

A few days after a video of a couple kissing and displaying public affection in Delhi Metro had gone viral, a similar video of a young couple kissing each other in front of other commuters has surfaced on the internet.

The viral video shows a young couple kissing each other while sitting on the floor of a metro coach. Reacting to the viral video, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation issued an appeal to its commuters to ‘refrain from indulging in such obscene activities.’

Appropriate action would be taken against anyone indulging in such activities, the statement read. Moreover, the metro authorities have requested commuters to report any such incidents to the nearest available metro staff/CISF immediately.

The statement said that it expects commuters to behave responsibly and follow all social etiquette and protocols which are acceptable in society.

“Commuters should not indulge in any indecent/obscene activity that may cause discomfort or could offend the sensibilities of other fellow commuters. DMRC’s Operations & Maintenance act in fact lists out indecency as a punishable offense under Section 59,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, the viral video shows the boy sitting on the floor of the metro coach while the girl is lying on his lap as the couple shares a passionate smooch.

The video has sparked debate on social media with a section of people showing outrage over the incident while others came out in support of the couple and raised questions about the person filming an intimate act.