Cassian Baliarsingh

In yet another incident of public display of affection, a young couple was seen in a tight embrace while riding on a motorcycle that has outraged the internet. 

Angry netizens demanded the immediate arrest of the couple for such a display of PDA on the busy road. Reportedly, the incident took place on NH-9 near Indirapuram in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad.

In the viral video, a youth can be seen riding the bike while his girlfriend is seen sitting on the tank of the motorbike and hugging her lover. They can be seen kissing each other without wearing any helmets as they take the risky ride on the busy highway.

A fellow commuter recorded the entire act of the couple and shared it on Twitter which has now gone viral. Irked netizens demanded stringent action against the couple for putting their lives and the lives of others in danger by performing such bizarre acts on the road.

After the video went viral, Uttar Pradesh police took cognizance of the incident and directed Ghaziabad police to initiate necessary action against the incident.

The youth riding the bike has been identified and slapped with a hefty fine for violating traffic norms, police said.

It has become a trend for couples to indulge in PDAs just to make reels and gain traction on social media platforms. Earlier, a video of a couple kissing while riding a bike in Rajasthan’s Ajmer had also gone viral on social media.