Poonam Singh

Nowadays one of the most watched contents on social media is animals related videos. These are the videos that netizens love more than anything else. If you don't believe us, all you need to do is check the number of views on any such video that has gone viral this year so far.

Below, we have compiled a few cute animal antics and species conversation that has made us laugh, root  for and tear up:

Brutal Fight For Survival

In one of the viral videos, Charles Darwin's concept of survival of the fittest was seen in which an anaconda and crocodile can be seen fighting to survive. The struggle between the crocodile and the snake along the banks of the Cuiaba River was captured by a Photographer and was shared by Africa Wildlife1.

Sea Lion Almost attacks little girl

Animals can sometimes be unpredictable, in one such video while a parent made a small child mount a Sea Lion, it turned violent and was about to attack the child when she fell on the road.

Dog's smart act 

Dogs are one of the smartest creatures. They are not only loyal but they are also very well-groomed. In one such viral video, a dog is seen preserving water. In the clip, a labrador is seen opening a tap with its mouth to drink water. And, after quenching its thirst, the dog turns the tap off smartly.

Goat crying child during sale 

Recently, a video of a goat crying while being sold by its owner has gone viral on social media. In the video, the goat is seen crying like a small baby. The goat put its head on the owner’s shoulder and is seen shedding tears, leaving his owner and others present around them also emotional.

Cobra inside shoes

A scary video of the rescue mission of snake from a shoe has left the internet stunned. In the clip, a woman can be seen pushing a snake-catching rod inside the shoe in order to catch the hidden reptile. As she puts the iron rod inside the shoe, the snake is seen coming out of it and trying to attack the woman. She, however, is seen handling the reptile with precaution and in the end, she even manages to take the snake out of the footwear.

Dog Kissing a Fish

Yes, you read that right. In a viral video, a dog is seen standing near a lake where a fish comes near him. Then suddenly the dog kisses the fish and the fish swims away from the dog.