Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a trending thing after a wave of people began using the technology for different works. The AI usage exploded in recent times as technology is playing an importan role in creative industries including artwork.

Social media is abundant with such stuff where people share AI-generated pictures. The artwork created with the assistance of AI mimics the styles of human artists. The AI-generated pictures are mostly liked by all. But, recently, an AI-generated picture of a Bengali wedding ceremony has irked many.

Recently, a thread of AI-generated images of weddings from different regions of India was shared on Twitter. While most of the images gained a high appreciation, the Bengali wedding images didn’t go down well with many.

The images shared with ‘Bengali’ as the caption, show a couple dressed in wedding attires. The couple looks at each other. However, what has irked the people is the addition of fish in the images, which is out of proportion.

While one picture shows the couple sharing a plate of fish, the other image shows the couple holding a huge fish. 

Since being uploaded, the post has been viewed over 638.4K times. The post has irked many netizens which is obvious from the comments. 

While one user commented, “Yes, that's how you sum up a Bengali wedding, with a humongous fish. You clearly haven't attended a Bengali wedding, have you? That is not even a fish, it's a shark,” another user wrote, “Bengali women don't have deformed hands as in both the pics. That aside, the pic shows the one creating didn't see much of Bengalis. Fish is all he can think of while thinking Bengal, that's why it becomes the focus in both pics. Wrong depiction, and ugly.”

Similarly, another user expressed anger saying, “Means u don't know about bengal bengalis at all, why to degrade a community for no reason ?”, while another wrote, “Bengali here and we do not dress like this. The jewellery is also not Bengali. The saree draping style also not Bengali. Just showing fish doesn’t mean it’s Bengali.”

Apart from 'Bengali' wedding, AI-generated pictures of several other regions were also included in the Tweet thread. The regions included, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Gujarat, etc.