Cassian Baliarsingh

Pandas are the loveliest and most adorable creations of God. No matter how hard-hearted you are, a video of a panda can melt your heart for sure.

This video of three cute pandas enjoying their birthday party will surely lighten up your New Year.

In the video, three cute baby pandas were seen comfortably seated in their wooden chairs and munching on vegetables and carrots. As per the caption of the video, it is their third birthday. It is the attitude and the eating style of the pandas that is winning hearts on social media.

The pandas are seen munching on the foods served to them without a care in the world. After being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered over 2.7M views, 56.8K likes and 7808 retweets.

The post has been flooded with hilarious comments from many netizens.

“They are just chilling.. LOL,” wrote a user while another wrote, “That restaurant has a panda chilled vibe.”

A third user wrote, “Pandas always want to be in a blissful mood,” while another wrote, “Life is beautiful.” Many social media users also shared many such hilarious videos of pandas rolling and playing with each other that will leave you in splits.

Usually found to be lazy, pandas have clever ways to conserve energy. The pandas are a lazy bunch, when they move, they move slowly. But, they conserve energy that saves calories for the pandas.

There are several videos of pandas on social media that prove that life would have been very boring and empty without these lovely creations of God.