Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Individuals across social media platforms are actively engaging with current events by sharing captivating content, enhancing the viewing experience for others.
Besides, they are also editing old videos and making them trendy again.

Recently, a heartwarming old video resurfaced. It shows a cute and innocent child, which many people loved. 

The video features a T20 Mumbai cricket match, where a cameraman's daughter caught everyone's attention.
While her dad was busy filming the match, she held up a paper saying "My daddy is behind the camera." 

Her mom was also there, and when the cameraman noticed them in the crowd, he focused the camera on his daughter. She showed the paper with emotional and adorable expressions.

The little girl and her mom waving at the camera were captured by one of the many cameras in the stadium. 

When the cameraman saw them, he waved back, bringing joy to his daughter. This sweet moment made him happy, despite working tirelessly throughout the match.

The original video was posted on a YouTube channel dedicated to T20 Mumbai matches, gaining lots of views and comments. 

In the video, a user commented, “Daughters are so special for fathers,” while another user wrote, “This video needs 1 million likes.”

Another user commented, “This is how daughters treat their fathers,” and yet another user remarked, “One of the best videos I have seen on the web. God bless you, kid, and your family.”

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