Cassian Baliarsingh

Doppelgangers and lookalikes of celebrities are common online. However, a few lookalikes look so strikingly similar and bear such resemblance that you can’t help but double-check. This time, a social media influencer resembling the gorgeous Deepika Padukone has taken social media by storm.

The Deepika lookalike is a content creator from Kolkata identified as Rijuta Ghosh Deb. With over 125K followers, Rijuta is an avid social media user and often treats her fans and followers with adorable videos and pictures.

Recently, she posted a makeup tutorial video and fans cannot stop going gaga over her uncanny resemblance with the ‘Fighter’ actress.

Sharing a skincare video after Holi, Rijuta wrote, “Post Holi Skincare is a must! Cleanse with Cerave Foaming Cleanser & apply Moisturizing Cream & Lotion all over your face and body to lock in the moisture! CeraVe products consists of 3 essential ceramides which helps lock in the hydration and restores skin barrier!!”

She continued, “I am loving these products and would like you guys to also try the dermatologist recommended CeraVe from Nykaa and whenever you #ThinkCermaidesThinkCerave !!🤍💙.”

Instead of the tutorial, what caught the attention of netizens was her striking resemblance with Deepika.

“You are looking like Deepika Padukone 💕🥰 Is it just me who thinks like that or is she really looking like her,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “I do follow you just for you look like Deepika also your voice same like Deepika.”

“She is the younger version of Deepika Padukone,” commented a third user.