Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In today's tech-savvy world, many people are using technology for educational purposes, such as creating 3D educational videos to explain complex subjects like trigonometry in a visually engaging manner. 

One such individual, 3D artist Majid Mousavi, has gained attention for his captivating videos that seamlessly blend imagination with reality.

One of his recent viral videos on social media emphasises the importance of safe driving and adhering to speed limits. 

The video begins with a motorcyclist speeding down an empty road, attempting to overtake a truck. 

Suddenly, another truck appears, resulting in a near collision. The scene freezes, showing a ghostly figure on the roadside, before continuing to depict a crash between the motorcyclist and the truck driver.

This viral video has garnered over 160 million views on Instagram, with the creator captioning it as "Last Gear ⚙️☠️." 

Not only has the video received millions of views, but it has also sparked numerous comments from viewers. 

One user commented, “I really thought it was real,” while another commented, “Mini heart attack ☠️.” Another user remarked, “Bro has done a PhD in editing 💀,” and yet another stated, “Bro deserves an Oscar for editing 💀.” Another user commented, “Omg, my heart literally stopped!! 😮”

Disclaimer: We do not promote this type of content. Instead, this video serves as a guide and a reminder to drive safely on the road.

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