Cassian Baliarsingh

A heartwarming video of a beautiful girl reciting a poem on ‘muskurao’ has been warming hearts online, thanks to the beautiful message in the video. The poem about finding positivity in dire situations is being loved by one and all.

The girl identified as Nayab Midha, who is a standup comedian, shared the video on her social media handles and is winning hearts online. Even Railway bureaucrat Ananth Rupanagudi shared the video and wrote, “Muskurao! A lovely recital which will lift your spirits! Keep smiling!”

The video shows a young beautiful girl standing in front of a microphone and reciting the beautiful poem. The poem reads, “Muskurao, agar aaj kahin se haar gaye ho toh, kyunki kisi aur ko uss jeet ki tumse zyada zaroorat thi shayad; Muskurao, agar kuch kho gaya hai, jiske naseeb ka tha usko mil gaya hai shayad; Muskurao, agar Dil tut gaya hai, kisika jodne ke liye kisi ka todna padta hoga shayad; Aur reh jaye phir bhi dil mein dard kahin, toh bant kar muskurao; Aur hai agar dil mein khushi zyada, toh same process dohrao; Muskurao jab baar baar yeh sochkar hatas ho jate ho ki isse acha yeh ho jata isse acha who ho jata, tab yeh sochkar muskurao ki isse bura ho jata toh kya ho jata; Muskurao agar sar pe hai chat, badan par hai kapda aur hai thali me khana.”

The video since being shared online, has garnered over 1.1M views with several comments relating to the message by the girl.

“Wow! I really don’t watch stand up comedies as such coz everyone just bashes someone or the other. But this, I tell you is something concrete, something positive, funny n heart felt too! Brought a smile on my face. Great work,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Can’t forget this day. Witnessing you performing live is the most beautiful experience someone can have.”