Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The internet is flooded with various bizarre incidents that would likely leave anyone surprised. Among all such videos online what leaves everybody shocked and amused at the same time are some strange and unexplained activities of some animals and birds.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a ‘burglar’ bird stealing currency notes from street/neighbours. It is more surprising to find that the bird is a ‘regular offender’ and has been engaged in such activities for a long time. 

In the video, a bird can be seen flying inside a house while holding a few currency notes in its beak. It straight lands near a drawer and waits for a few moments. As soon as the drawer opens, more currency notes can be seen inside it. The bird jumps atop the drawer and deposits the currency notes inside it. 

Meanwhile, a dog walks near the drawer and takes a stock of the deposit. As it seems, the bird is a ‘regular offender’ and the dog is the accountant. The video seems to be from China as the bird flies in with Chinese Yuan.

Though the authenticity of the video could not be verified, it has gone viral on social media. Sharing the video Ataharekat captioned it: A man in China taught his bird to steal money from the street and bring it home. (sic)

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their desire to pet a similar bird that could resolve their financial issues in some way.