Cassian Baliarsingh

A woman wants to put her husband up for adoption and the reason will leave you in splits. The woman has decided to give her husband for adoption because of a German shepherd dog.

Yes, you read that right!

As per the now viral tweet, the woman identified as Sonali bought a two months old German Shepherd. She paid a whopping Rs 20,000 for the pet dog as she wanted to give a surprise gift to her husband Gaurav. 

However, Sonali has now learnt that her husband Gaurav is allergic to dogs. What next? Instead of returning back the dog, Sonali has decided to put up her husband for adoption instead because the dog is too cute.

The hilarious story was shared on Twitter by Sonali’s friend.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Sonali’s friend wrote, “Needs a home urgently. If anyone’s interested This is Leo - a two months old German shepherd. My friend Sonali bought him for ₹20000/-. She wanted to give a surprise gift to her husband. But she came to know that her husband Gaurav is alergic to dogs.”

“Sonali is now looking for a new home for him.  If anyone is interested, Gaurav is 29 year old, drives a bike, can cook, has sharp features, and is reasonably handsome,” the tweet reads.

The funny tweet has garnered hilarious reactions from social media users.

A user funnily wrote, “We can’t afford to have Gaurav, but would love to adopt Leo (with laughing emojis).”

However, Sonali’s friend replied, “Sir, Sonali only wants to give Gaurav for adoption.”

“Kya Zamana Agaya Hai,” commented one user while another user wrote, “Kya Kya Dekhne Ko Mil Raha Hai Is Zamane Main.”
The hilarious tweet, however, made the day of a few social media users for the funny take on the unconditional love for dogs. Dogs are indeed man’s best friends and need to be protected at all cost.