Cassian Baliarsingh

In this age of online shopping, a woman had a very bad experience with Amazon after she ordered an electric toothbrush worth Rs 12,000 but received ‘chaat’ masala boxes instead.

The plight was shared by the woman’s daughter on Twitter and social media users are able to connect with the bad experience.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the woman’s daughter wrote, “Dear Amazon, why haven’t you removed a seller who’s been scamming buyers over a year? My mom ordered an Oral-B electric toothbrush worth Rs 12K, but she received 4 boxes of MDH chat Masala instead! Turns out seller MEPLTD has done this to dozens of customers since Jan 2022."

Luckily, the woman did not pay the money as she had opted for ‘cash on delivery’ for the pricey toothbrush. However, she found the box ‘suspiciously light’ after the delivery agent reached with it. Out of curiosity, they along with the delivery agent opened the packet only to discover four boxes of MDH Chat Masala.

In another tweet, the woman wrote, “The seller keeps its listing Rs 1-3K lower than other sellers on big-ticket items, which tempts more people to order from them. One may argue you should check seller feedback before ordering but how many people do that? Especially as you have to click away from the listing to do so.”

“Amazon India, It is absolutely appalling that you’re allowing this seller to continue using your platform to steal from people, despite dozens of customers flagging their scam over the past 1 year. Do something ASAP!” she further added. (sic)

A user commented, “I ordered an Adidas shoe, but an empty box was delivered. In spite of repeated requests and reminds Amazon refused to accept its mistake, ordered some inquiry (details of which they refused to share) and denied mistake on its part. #amazonscam.” (sic)

“Amazon will never remove such seller because they have a mutual partnership as they are earning hell lot from this. I have suffered with such scam and Amazon is nowhere concerned with this because they took their PART and I am on complete loss. Shame on Amazon,” commented another user. (sic)