Manoj Kumar Jena

Almost every woman dreams of having long hair as it adds beauty. Long hair gets instant attention and many keep wondering about the secret behind it. 

A woman form Uttar Pradesh made it to the Guinness World Records for having the longest hair. Yes! You read that correctly. 

Smita Srivastava, a 46-year-old woman bagged the Guinness World Record for having the longest hair measured at 7 feet 9 inches. 

According to the reports, Smita revealed her secrets about how she maintained such long hair at a time when more and more people are falling victim to hair fall. 

Smita washes her hair twice a week and the 7-feet-long hair takes around 45 minutes to be washed. It takes around three hours to dry after a wash, said Smita.
Smita also revealed that long hair enhances beauty, and according to the Indian Mythology, goddesses have long hair, and it was the light behind her motivation. 

The Guinness World Records took to its official X (formerly Twitter) handle and shared a video of the news. The post was uploaded with the caption, “Say hello to Smita Srivastava from India, the woman with the longest hair in the world. Her long locks were measured at 236.22 centimeters (7 ft 9 in).” 

The video featured how Smita took great care of her hair and how she maintained it. 

After the news broke, Indians were amazed by her accomplishment, and some envied her long hair. 

The video has garnered 30.6K likes. Watch the video below: