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As the festival that celebrates creativity, art, and cultural diversity, the Cannes Film Festival has been setting a trend to welcome content creators on its iconic red carpet. As expected this year too, a fresh wave of content creators made history at the prestigious event.

Among them, many Indian content creators graced the event with their noteworthy entries. In this story let’s have a look at these talented individuals who continuously make their mark on the global stage. 

Ankush Bahuguna: 

Earning the title of “India’s first male beauty creator”, Ankush Bahuguna is well-known for his humorous beauty content. Also known for his YouTube show ‘Wing It With Ankush’ where he features makeup ideas and partners with many popular personalities, has graced the Cannes red carpet 2024 with his iconic appearance.

Sanjyot Keer: 

With 9 million followers across his social media channels, Chef Sanjyot Keer became the second Indian chef to walk on the Cannes red carpet. Keer is well-known for his unique and innovative fusion of flavours.

Nancy Tyagi: 

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh and boasting a base of 2 million followers on social media platforms, Nancy Tyagi is a self-taught fashion designer who made waves at the Cannes 2024, becoming the first artist to wear self-designed outfits in the festival’s history.

Vishnu Kaushal: 

Well-known for his relatable humour Punjabi content, Vishnu extended his expertise in the realm of fashion with his brand Peach by Vishnu while appearing in Bollywood alongside SRK in the movie Dunki. With 2 million followers on Instagram, he debuted at the Cannes this year.

Karishma Gangwal: 

Popularly known as RJ Karishma, Karishma Gangwal is well-known for her witty videos where she shares relatable skits about everyday family life, instantly captivating the Indian audience. Karishma made her Cannes Film Festival red carpet debut this year with a stunning appearance.

Aastha Shah: 

Known for breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards through her content, Aastha is a lifestyle and beauty content creator hailing from Mumbai. Boasting 1 million followers on Instagram, she graced the Cannes red carpet this year, becoming the first Indian influencer with Vitiligo to do so.

Niharika NM: 

All set to debut in a Tamil movie, Niharika, walked the Cannes red carpet for three consecutive years as a debutant actor. She started her journey as a digital content creator, earning significant recognition for her relatable and humorous Instagram reels with over 6 million followers across various social media platforms.

Viraj Ghelani: 

Popular for his comedy content on various social media platforms, Viraj walked the Cannes red carpet this year. He also marked his name in Bollywood with movies like ‘Jawan‘ and ‘Govinda Naam Mera’, showcasing his talents.

Raj Shamani: 

An entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and also a social media influencer, Raj is well-known for his podcast ‘Figuring Out’ and several TEDx Talks. Boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram, he made his debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Sharan Hegde: 

Specialising in personal finance, Sharan is a digital content creator and also an entrepreneur. Boasting 2 million followers on Instagram he shares engaging and informative content to help his audience manage their finances. This year, he made his debut at the Cannes Festival.

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