Poonam Singh

Straight out of a movie scene the heist of 436 iPhones worth a jaw-dropping Rs 4.10 crore has left many people stunned. The incident reportedly took place at the Apple Store in Seattle, US, when the facility was closed.

According to reports, the thieves tunnelled their way into the store through a bathroom wall of a coffee shop next door to enter the backroom of the Apple store.

Seattle's local news channel, King 5 News reports that thieves broke into Seattle Coffee Gear and cut a hole in the bathroom wall to gain access to the backroom of the Apple Store. The burglars bypassed the Apple Store's security system by using the neighbouring coffee shop and stole 436 iPhones worth around $500,000.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows the thieves entering and exiting Seattle Coffee Gear in less than 15 minutes. 

The CEO of the coffee appliance store, Mike Atkinson, posted an image on Twitter showing the damage allegedly left behind in the bathroom.

"Two men broke into one of our retail locations. Why? To cut a hole in our bathroom wall to access the Apple Store next door and steal $500k worth of Iphones," he tweeted.