Poonam Singh

Optical illusions are images which are portrayed in a manner that differs from objective reality. While some optical illusions reveal hidden personality traits based on what a person sees first, others put your observational skills to the test by challenging you to find hidden elements in a limited time frame. 

The Internet is filled with such posts that often leave people stumped but thoroughly entertained. One such visual challenge was recently shared on Instagram by Chef Kunal Kapoor. The image challenges you to find a cat hidden among people.

Sharing the image, he captioned it, “Can you find cat in this picture? '' 

In the picture, you can see a sea of people. The challenge is to find the cat hidden among them.
Many netizens successfully spotted the cat hidden between the buildings and shared about it in the comments section. One user wrote, “Yess... it took me exact 52 seconds” Another wrote, “Found it in less than 10 seconds chef!! ''

If you haven’t found the ‘CAT’ here is a hint for you.

If you look at the Left side of the photo, you might see a cat in between the Hijab girl and the red band girl. We have encircled the cat in the picture below:

Pic Credit: Instagram/chefkunalPic Credit: Instagram/chefkunal