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Internet is filled with optical illusions in which we have to look at a shape or a pattern on the screen for a few seconds without blinking or searching for some hidden thing in a picture. Then there are real-life images that are seen as optical illusions because of elusive details.

The hidden snow leopard and camouflaged leopard, which went viral recently, are examples of real-life optical illusions. Similarly, another real-life optical illusion of Himalayan Lynx recently baffled the netizens.

In the viral picture, you can see steep rocky cliffs in the background. In the photo, a Himalayan Lynx is also seen lurking in the picture. However, it has camouflaged itself with the landscape, which makes it difficult to spot. 

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

However, if you keenly observe the image you can easily spot the hidden predator in the rocky mountains. Now, the challenge for you is to spot the hidden predator within 12 seconds.

The images used here are screen grabbed from a video which was shared by WWF Pakistan on Youtube which captures Himalayan Lynx hunting Markhor in Pakistan’s Chitral Valley.

Notably, the Himalayan lynx is one of the most elusive and powerful cats living in these mountains, rivalled only by the famous snow leopard.

Have you found the Himalayan Lynx, which is also called “ghost of the mountains?” If you haven’t and still struggling to figure out where the Himalayan Lynx exactly is in the picture, here’s another hint for you. 

Look closely at the middle right of the frame and you’ll be able to see the elusive cat prowling, perfectly camouflaged against its background.

Himalayan lynx
Himalayan lynxHimalayan lynx