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Optical illusion tests your observation skills in the form of a brain teaser, or numeric or pictorial depiction. It is characterised by visual perception which varies from its reality. 

In layman’s terms, optical Illusion is a kind of illusion which we are not able to clearly observe with our naked eyes. We easily misinterpret or get deceived by these images.

Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas, who specialises in these images, had shared one such image which challenges people to find a heart among elephants.

The image challenges you to find a HEART among elephants within 10 seconds.

Pic Credit: Gergely DudasPic Credit: Gergely Dudas

The baffling picture shows a herd of cute elephants with flowers and butterflies on them with a tiny heart hidden among them. What is making the heart difficult to spot is that it is very small.

The trick to solving this optical challenge is to observe the image carefully; by concentrating on the picture, you can easily spot the heart among the elephant heart.

Are you stuck with the image...Have you found the heart? If not, don’t worry; refer to the image given below to get the correct answer. The answer has been highlighted.

Pic Credit: Gergely DudasPic Credit: Gergely Dudas

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