Poonam Singh

Illusion is derived from the word illudere, which means to mock or trick. Therefore, the basic idea of an optical illusion is to deceive the human brain by tricking it. There are three types of optical illusions- literal, physiological, and cognitive.

According to reports, regular practice of activities that challenge the brain, such as solving optical illusions, can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and improve overall brain function.  

So, if you are an optical illusion enthusiast, here's one that might intrigue you. It has ghosts and one pandas, and you need to find the panda. However, the challenge is to spot the panda within 9 seconds.

The picture shows a group of ghosts with a panda hidden it. What is making them difficult to spot is that the ghosts and panda have been drawn and coloured in a similar way with only one difference.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

The illustration was made by Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas which he had shared on social media.

Have you spotted the panda in the image? Individuals with keen vision will find the panda within the specified time limit. The key to solving this one is to examine the image carefully.

If you haven’t found the ‘panda’ yet, here is a hint for you.

Have you already spotted the panda? If you are yet to find the seals, no need to worry as we have the solution for you here. Check, the image below. We have encircled the answer in a red circle.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf