Cassian Baliarsingh

While finding rented accommodation in Bengaluru has become a task now, a set of bizarre rules by a society in the IT Hub of India has left the internet agitated.

From not being allowed to use corridors and balconies for phone calls to guests not being allowed post 10 pm, the bizarre set of new rules has been laid by a society in Bengaluru. A user shared the society’s notice on Reddit and it has been going viral since then. 

The generic rules and regulations reads:

1. No loud music post 10 pm

2. No late-night parties allowed

3. No use of corridors and balconies for phone calls post 10 pm

4. No guests are allowed to Bachelors and Spinster’s flats post 10 pm. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight. 

5. Bachelors and Spinster to follow the association rules strictly. No relaxation in case of violation. Penalty of Rs 1000 or evict.

The new rules of society have grabbed a lot of attention on social media with people flooding the comment section with hilarious reactions.

“It’s worse than hostels. You’re paying money to rent out a flat. It’s your flat for the duration that you’re renting as per the rental agreements. Who’ll come to your flat and what you’ll do on the balcony is purely dependent on you. Society rules are becoming ridiculous these days,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “WTF is this? Aren’t they humans? My neighbouring flat has 6 bachelors and they have never bothered us. They hardly walk around in the society. Either go to work or go somewhere.”

“The rent is around 40K-50K for a 3bhk… They trap you with favourable terms and conditions and slowly tighten their noose around your neck,” commented a third user.