Poonam Singh

Heartbroken mother of the South Carolina bride, who was killed just hours after getting married, has shared how one of the most beautiful days of her life turned into a complete disaster when she received the news of her daughter’s death.

A day planned with love and joy turned into a nightmare for the Millers and the Hutchinsons. The families were gathered at Folly Beach in Carolina to celebrate the union of lovebirds Samantha Hutchinson and Aric Hutchinson.

According to reports, Samantha died at the scene and her groom Aric was left with brain injury and several broken bones after the golf cart they left their wedding reception in Folly Beach, South Carolina met with a fatal collision and rear-ended by Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25.

Samantha's grieving mother, Lisa Miller, has now opened up about the horrifying moment she received the heartbreaking news of her daughter's death.

Lisa clearly remembers the last time she saw Samantha as they left their wedding reception under a canopy of sparklers held by their loved ones.

A short while later, Lisa said she heard sirens and instinctively knew something bad had happened.

In an interview with Fox News, she said: "At that moment, I said, ‘Something happened to Sam!’ “It was like a really bad movie, a really bad Netflix movie.

"We were running down the road toward all these lights… and we just were running and screaming Sam's name."

At the scene, Lisa was told everyone had been taken to hospital, so she and her other daughter Mandi Jenkins rushed to hospital to find out what had happened.

However, it was here she was given the tragic news.

"Then I got the call from Sam's dad that said, 'Sam isn't at the hospital. She's still here. She got killed, and I just identified her,'" she recalled.

Lisa said that the tragedy that hit their family “wasn’t an accident.”

“This person chose to drink, get behind the wheel, and plow down my daughter. This is a conscious choice that a young lady made,” she told Fox News Digital.

Meanwhile, the accused driver, Jamie Lee Komoroski, has since been charged with three counts of felony driving under the influence resulting in great bodily injury or death, as well as one count of reckless homicide.

In a statement, lawyers working on behalf of Komoroski said: “We cannot fathom what the families are going through and offer our deepest sympathies.

“We simply ask that there not be a rush to judgement. Our court system is founded upon principles of justice and mercy and that is where all facts will come to light.”