Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Mohammed Ali Shihab's journey from being a peon to becoming an IPS officer is inspirational.
  • His struggles and fighting spirit are an inspiration for the young generation.

Real-life success stories are always inspirational. Common people who rise from the worst situations and conditions to reach the pinnacles of success motivate and inspire others to do better in their lives. Meet Mohammed Ali Shihab who passed 21 exams and relentlessly pursued his dream to become a top-level officer starting from a peon.

Shihab spent most of his years in an orphanage. After the death of his father, Shihab’s mother could not earn enough to provide for all her four children. That is why when his father died; she put her three children in a Muslim orphanage located in Kuttikattor, Kozhikode. 

Earlier Shihab used to sell bamboo baskets and betel leaves along with his father. After completing his education till 12th standard, Shihab returned home from the orphanage and continued his education through distance learning courses.

Simultaneously, he also started preparing for government examinations. During this time he passed one exam and was selected for the post of peon. Shihab joined the office as a peon in 2004 but continued to study for civil services examinations because his aim was to get a good job at a higher position.

All through his journey from being selected as a peon to becoming an IAS officer, Shihab kept on giving exams and in between cleared 21 examinations.

Finally, he cleared the Civil Services examination with 226 ranking and officially joined the government office as an IAS officer in 2011.

This journey of Shihab from peon to IAS officer within a span of just seven years is highly inspiring for the young individuals who give up hope of clearing the UPSC exams if they cannot clear it on the first attempt.

Shihab is a good example of how hard work does pay in the end.