Cassian Baliarsingh

MBA Chaiwala is a name most people on the internet are well aware of. The unique name and story of an MBA dropout starting a tea stall connected well with people and today MBA Chaiwala is one of the most prominent names across the country.

It has become a household name with the founder Prafull Billore earning in crores, better than getting an MBA degree it seems.

Following his suit, several other such tea outlets have cropped up in India. The recent to join the list is ‘Jobless Chai Wali’. Lucknow’s Pooja left her job due to lack of satisfaction and decided to do something of her own. That’s when the idea of starting her own tea stall struck her, thus begun the journey of ‘Jobless Chai Wali’.

The unique name has caught everyone’s attention making her a viral sensation online. Pooja originally an interior designer gave up her job to start the tea stall.

Speaking to NDTV about her journey, Pooja said, “I started my tea stall after quitting my job. Actually we can do a job, everyone does a job, but I wasn’t getting the satisfaction that one gets after doing a job. As I was unsatisfied, I decided to start this and quit that job.”

She also opened up about women’s safety in Lucknow and said, “I feel safe in Lucknow. The crime rate has gone down, especially in UP. It feels good that now women and girls can stay out late at nights without any fear. Even I stay at my tea stall until 12 midnight without any fear.”

Apart from MBA Chaiwala and Jobless Chai Wali, several other unique food ventures have come to the fore like Jobless Juice Wala, B.Tech Paani Puri Wali, CA Pani Puri and Patrakar Pohawala.