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A 61-year-old man in Derbyshire, England got the shock of his life after he received two packets of Pedigree dog food instead of a MacBook Pro laptop that he had ordered on Amazon.

As per a report in Metro, Alan Wood, a retired IT Manager spent 1200 pounds for an Apple laptop as a gift for her daughter. But he received dog food instead.

While receiving wrong items from e-commerce sites is not new around the globe, what concerned Alan the most was the negative approach by the Amazon customer service.

Amazon Package With Dog FoodAmazon Package With Dog Food

Though he contacted Amazon complaining about the mix up, he was refused a refund initially.

Metro quoted Alan as saying, “I’ve been an Amazon customer for two decades and never had a problem with them before. But this has been an extremely stressful situation, especially in my circumstance, and the way I’ve been treated has put me off ordering from them ever again.”

Alan placed his order on November 29 and paid for a next-day delivery. But when he opened up the package, he couldn’t believe the mix up. Alan said, "You can imagine the look on my face when I opened dog food instead of a MacBook Pro that cost me over £1,000."

“At first I was confident the mix-up could be resolved, but after speaking to Amazon customer service, they said they couldn’t help me,” Metro quoted Alan.

Alan claimed, “It is not until I approached the press and they contacted Amazon on my behalf that they’ve finally offered me a refund.”

As per the latest report, the company has since apologised and said Alan will be paid back in full.