Soumya Prakash Pradhan

A man recently experienced a situation where he lost his phones – one being a luxury iPhone and the other an Android device. However, thanks to technology, he was able to retrieve them.

The man, 'Tech Star Shahrukh,' (name of his X handle) shared his experience on the microblogging platform.

He and his wife had visited Jama Masjid for iftar during Ramadan. They had three phones with them- an Apple iPhone 13, Xiaomi Civi 2, and Redmi K50 Ultra.

They placed two phones, an Apple iPhone 13 and Xiaomi Civi 2, in one side of their bag, and the other one on the other side.

As they were leaving, the man noticed his bag was open. Upon inspection, he discovered that the chain where he had kept the phones was open, and those smartphones were missing. 

Despite announcements warning about theft, he shouted for help. Nearby people reminded him of the announcements, but he persisted.

Upon checking, he found the other side of the bag still intact. He immediately used iCloud to track the iPhone, but the thief had turned it off. He also tried to trigger the alarm but was unsuccessful.

However, they managed to contact the other phone, which was still on due to a setting called ‘Shutdown Confirmation,’ which requires a password to turn off the device.

Since the thieves did not know the password, they could not turn it off.

Fortunately, the Xiaomi Civi 2 was still on, allowing them to use the "Find My Device" feature on the Mi website.

They located the phone, which started ringing loudly. Someone eventually answered the call and informed them that the phone had been found near Gate No 2 of Jama Masjid.

In his thread on 'X,' the man mentioned that if the thieves had removed the SIM card, it would have been harder to retrieve the devices.

He advised against carrying expensive smartphones to crowded places and recommended using a chest bag instead of a side bag.

He also stressed the importance of enabling the "Shutdown Confirmation" setting for added security.

Meanwhile, some netizens accuse the man of doing a promotion of Xiaomi Civi 2. However, he replied stating, "People who are blaming me that its a paid post, know this. The phone is mentioned as Xiaomi CIVI 2, not launched in India, not even Global and only sold in China."