Cassian Baliarsingh

From a farmer’s son to the owner of MBA Chai Wala, Prafull Billore is the true epitome of success in entrepreneurship. With his cafe chain in over 200 Indian cities, he is not only generating over 1000 jobs but is also an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, Sharmistha Ghosh, an MA English Chaiwali is the latest to join the ‘Chai’ bandwagon.  

Sharmistha is a post-graduate in English. She quit her well-paid job with British Council and is now running a small chai stall on wheels in Delhi Cantt’s Gopinath Bazar.

She is helped by her dear friend Bhavna Rao, who is working with Lufthansa. Ms. Ghosh’s house help also comes and helps her in the evening. Her inspiring story was shared by retired Brigadier Indian Army Sanjay Khanna on his LinkedIn.

Sharing MS Ghosh’s story, Mr. Khanna wrote, “NO JOB IS SMALL OR BIG BUT ONE MUST DREAM BIG !!!!”

“A few days ago I happened to be in Delhi Cantt’s Gopinath Bazar and desired to have tea. I was amazed & pleasantly surprised to see a smart English-speaking woman operating this    small chai stall on wheels( popularly called Raydee).”

“She mentioned her name to be Sharmistha Ghosh, a postgraduate in English literature and has worked in British Council Library too until she quit to pursue her dream. A friend of hers, Bhavna Rao working with Lufthansa is also a joint partner in operating this small Chai stall. Further, as of now, she's providing extra wages to her house help as she has employed her at the chai stall. They come together in the evening and operate from the small temporary kind of structure and go back," Khanna wrote.

He continued: "I am writing this post & also posting this photo with her permission as I feel that there is nothing to be called a low/small job & such people must be highlighted to motivate others. One must have the passion & integrity to work towards their dream to make it come true. I have come across many highly qualified youth who are in despair and are on the lookout for an appropriate job commensurate to professional stature. This message goes out to them. I strongly feel that one must not keep thinking of high qualifications and a high-end job deserved but think of small ways and means to achieve & flourish in the longer run.”

Meanwhile, Sharmistha Ghosh attributes her success to her parents and family members and dreams to make it as big as Chaiyos, another famous tea stall.