Cassian Baliarsingh

All those who said degrees don’t matter in life probably hadn’t gone house-hunting in Bengaluru. Anyone who has experienced the astonishing demands of house owners in Bengaluru will never again say that degree isn’t necessary.

Well, you have to be IITian or IIM, CA or ISB graduate to get a flat or a room in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India. After matrimonial sites, a degree from IIT, IIM seems to be a must to get a flat or any place to live on rent here.

The unusual educational demand of landlords has left netizens in shock after a Twitter user shared his experience of house-hunting in the IT hub.

A twitter user identified as Priyansh Jain shared how he was rejected by his broker for not having a graduate degree from prestigious institutes like IIT, IIM and Indian School of Business (ISB).

According to Jain, he contacted a broker to enquire about a flat after coming across an advertisement on Facebook. Interestingly, the broker first asked Jain to send his LinkedIn profile.

In reply to the broker, Jain said, he was a graduate from VIT Vellore and worked at Atlassian and was a vegetarian.

To his surprise, the broker abruptly denied to rent the flat to Jain and replied, “Sorry your profile does not fit.”

Jain once again texted the broker and wrote, “Out of curiosity, what does the owner expect lol. Weird shit.”

To this, the broker replied, “IIT, IIM, CA, ISB graduates.”

A surprised Jain later shared his experience on Twitter. He shared screenshots of the conversation with the broker and wrote, “#Bangalore flat owners, why do you do this?? P.S looking for a single vacancy (preferably vegetarian) near EGL(Indiranagar, Domlur, HAL). Flexible budget based on how good the flat is. Bonus: I can also teach house-party/campfire guitar."

Many social media users were shocked to see the demand of the landlords. A user commented, “No wonder I couldn't find a flat in Blr. It has been a while since I updated my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles."

Another user said, "Won't be surprised if there are cohort based courses launched on how to create that perfect Linkedin profile for renting purposes or how to crack a tenant interview with the owner."

"Searching for a new place right now preparing for interviews with house owners. Suggest prep material," said a third person.

"This is kinda funny because this person already has a job omg i didn't know landlords filter for colleges after you graduate too," added another one.

"BLR flat owners "hiring" tenants. One more reason to detest the city!" commented another user.

Moral of the Story: Well, remember if you want a flat in Bengaluru then you have to be an IIT or IIM degree holder. Now when your parents ask you to study well, never again say degrees are not important in life.