Poonam Singh

Athos Salomé, a Brazilian psychic sensation, has captivated the internet with his uncanny predictions, earning him comparisons to the legendary Nostradamus. From foreseeing the COVID-19 pandemic to the transfer of power at Twitter to Elon Musk, Salome's prophecies have sparked widespread fascination on social media earning him the title of ‘living Nostradamus’.

Salomé's most alarming prediction revolves around a new pandemic set to emerge by the end of 2024. According to him, this deadly virus will originate from the South Pole and pose a greater threat than COVID-19, potentially causing widespread devastation globally. However, Salomé refrained from providing specifics, leaving many to question the validity of his claims.

Beyond pandemic forecasts, Salomé delves into technology and spirituality, predicting significant advancements in artificial intelligence and communication with the deceased by 2024. 

He suggests that AI developments could enable contact with the spirit realm, leading to a spiritual revolution that challenges humanity's understanding of existence. However, he warns of potential societal upheaval and moral dilemmas stemming from these breakthroughs.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Salomé emphasises the impending convergence of science and the supernatural, suggesting that what was once confined to science fiction may soon become a reality.

While his predictions evoke fascination and apprehension, they reflect society's enduring intrigue with the unknown and our quest for answers in an uncertain world.