Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre brand-new dating craze in China, strangers can kiss each other. Yes, you read that right. Though it might sound bizarre, it is true. The modern dating trend has suddenly appeared in China. 

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) said this practice entails kissing random people. The trend’s Mandarin name is ‘zui you’, which translates to ‘mouth friends’ in English.

However, there is a twist in dating. According to SCMP, the ‘mouth buddy’ regulations only permit kissing; people are not permitted to form romantic relationships or even meet for a second date.

The latest modern has become the point of discussion on social media where people meet strangers online for anonymous kissing. A large number of young people are seen kissing total strangers after the new trend, reports said. 

While social media is divided over the issue, youngsters in China have welcomed the trend.

As per South China Morning Post, a student said, “Kissing is common, it is not a big deal.”

Similarly, another person said, “Enjoying the present is the most important thing for me. With a kissing partner, I can feel like I am kissing a person I love.”

Furthermore, another student stated that kissing could comfort people physically and psychologically. It is also less complicated than a sexual relationship.

However, many women advised people to set their boundaries and list unacceptable behavior before meeting someone. Many advised young girls not to agree to kiss in places such as bars, alleyways or a person’s home.

“Kissing carries health hazards. It can spread millions of germs, including dangerous bacteria. So if you are concerned, you can ask your potential kissing partner to show a health check-up report,” said a woman identified as Zhang as per South China Morning Post. 

However, many are of the opinion that it may be emotionally risk and cause self-harm. Nevertheless, the new kissing trend has caught up among youngsters in China and is becoming a craze.