Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Tina Dabi has once again hit the headlines for ordering the bulldozing of tents of Hindu immigrants from Pakistan.
  • The IAS officer has always been in the limelight either for her achievements or for her personal life.

Tina Dabi has once again grabbed the headlines for her alleged involvement in ordering the bulldozing of Hindu immigrants who have come to Jaisalmer in India from Pakistan. Reportedly, the tents of these immigrants were burnt down on the orders of Tina Dabi.

Tina Dabi has been in the news ever since she topped the UPSC examination on the first attempt in 2015 and became a collector. Many young girls and boys aspiring to become IAS officers consider Tina as their inspiration.

More than her work as a collector, it is her personal life that has always been in the limelight. She married Jammu Kashmir’s IAS officer Athar Aamir Khan in 2018. Their marriage was hailed as a symbol of secularism by many politicians and even the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi congratulated the pair saying that in this time of hate and violence, their love will become inspiration for the other Indians.

However, her marriage could not last long and ended in a divorce after a couple of years. Tina Dabi removed the name Khan from her social media status after the divorce which she had added earlier during the marriage. Athar, later on, went back to his native place in Jammu & Kashmir.

Tina surprised everyone by marrying IAS officer Pradeep Gawande who is 13 years older than her. Within a year of divorce from Athar, Tina Dabi married Pradeep which was quite shocking for those who were following her as an inspiration.

Tina had said that while co-ordinating during the COVID pandemic the two got closer and decided to get married. Like Tina, this is the second marriage of Pradeep. Nevertheless, many people were shocked by the decision of Tina because not only there is a huge gap between the two but was Pradeep earlier accused in a bribery case.