Cassian Baliarsingh

An offensive tweet by Ukraine’s official defence ministry depicting Hindu Goddess Kali morphed over a blast fume has spread outrage among Indians. The picture shows Goddess Kali having an upskirt moment similar to Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

The morphed picture bears a similar resemblance to Maa Kali with its blue skin, tongue sticking out pose, and a wreath of skulls around the neck.

The offensive tweet has spread widespread outrage among netizens in India who brutally slammed the Ukraine Defence Ministry and termed it as ‘Hinduphobic’ and ‘Offensive’. Irate netizens brutally slammed Ukraine for mocking Hindu culture.

Sharing the morphed picture, the ‘Defense of Ukraine’ Twitter handle wrote, “Work of art.” Soon after backlash from netizens, the Ministry of Defence was forced to delete the post.

“Shame on you for making such cartoons and insulting our faith! Utterly disgusting attempt” commented a user.

Another user commented, “I’m absolutely appalled to see the Ukrainian defense handle mocking Maa Kali, a revered Hindu goddess. This is a gross display of insensitivity and ignorance. I urge them to take down the offensive content and issue an apology. Respect for all religions and beliefs is paramount.”

A third user wrote, “This is why you guys are not getting any support from India. And getting your ass kicked.”