Cassian Baliarsingh

Indian weddings are like festivals celebrated with great pomp and joy. Weddings are usually about all things good – great food, music, dance and gathering of friends and relatives. However, a recent incident of a bride slapping a groom in front of all the guests has left the internet shocked.
The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media. The viral video starts with the bride and groom standing on the stage after the ‘jaimala’ ceremony. As per the ritual, the bride then takes a rasgulla and tries to feed it to the groom.

In bid to have fun, the groom teases the bride and moves here and there. This leaves the bride furious as she tries to feed him the rasgulla while he continues to move back and tease her. Furious, the bride turns back and then suddenly puts the sweet in the groom’s mouth.

However, the bride’s anger does not calm down even after this. She suddenly slaps the groom on the face. This leaves the groom and others stunned before the video ends. So, it is not known what happened next.

Looking at the groom’s expressions, it can be clearly said that something must have happened. Since being shared online, the video has garnered more than 56L views with netizens leaving hilarious comments.

“I think the bride is a teacher,” a user hilariously commented.

Another user wrote, “Eat something. If not the rasgulla, fill your stomach with a slap.”

“If the man had done the same, then feminists would have been screaming on the streets,” commented a third user.

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