Rashmi Ranjan

Former England Women’s team wicketkeeper and batter Sarah Taylor, who once hogged headlines for proposing to Virat Kohli in 2014, has found herself in the news again after she announced her partner Diana’s pregnancy on Wednesday. 

Taking to Twitter, the English cricketer made the announcement and wrote, “Being a mother has always been my partner's dream. The journey hasn't been an easy one but Diana has never given up. I know she will be the best mum and I'm so happy to be a part of it x. 19 weeks to go and life will be very different!.”

Sarah also shared a picture with her partner Diana and a couple of ultrasound pictures on her Twitter handle.

As soon as she made the announcement, her post garnered over 550 retweets and more than 13000 likes. The comments section was also flooded with good wishes while some fans also trolled her.

“Sarah - this is just the best news! Huge congratulations to Diana and to you…life will be very different (!) but you’ll both be amazing,” a user wrote, while another commented, “Love to you and your partner Sarah. You deserve every nice things. And all the best for the upcoming surprises that life holds for you. You are and will always be special for many around the world,” wrote a user.

Trolling the cricketer, a user wrote, “Wth on the earth i saw? I want to wash my eyes w detol” while another wrote, “Wait a minute I'm confused.”