Poonam Singh

For centuries, optical illusions have captivated individuals of all ages, evolving into both a pastime and an all-consuming fascination. 

These visual phenomena offer a captivating glimpse into the astounding capabilities of our brains, extending far beyond mere puzzle-solving. 

They challenge not only our powers of observation but also offer insights into our unique personalities and characters.

Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudás recently shared an illustration that poses a unique challenge: finding three roosters among the turkeys. The image dares you to spot these roosters within a mere six seconds. 

The catch? The roosters are masterfully concealed amidst the turkeys, making the task far from easy.

Can you spot the hidden roosters in the image? The trick to solving this optical challenge is to observe it keenly.

If you haven't cracked the optical illusions yet, don't worry. You can find the answer in the video below, along with a fascinating look at how the artist crafted this mesmerizing piece of art.