Poonam Singh

Optical illusion tests your observation skills in the form of a riddle, brain teaser, or numeric or pictorial depiction. It is characterised by visual perception, which differs from reality. In simple terms, optical Illusion is a kind of illusion in which we are not able to clearly perceive with our naked eyes. We easily misinterpret or get deceived by these images.

There are various kinds of optical illusion games going viral on social media. This time, the puzzle going viral is an alphabetical one, where the challenge is to find an English word hidden in it. Try to spot the hidden word ‘Bell’ in this optical illusion image. If you can complete this task in 6 seconds, then you can consider yourself a genius!

This special optical illusion features alphabets that are quite confusing. Everywhere in the picture, you can see the word ‘Ball’ written, but somewhere in between the word ‘Bell’ is also written, which you have to find out.

Optical Illusion

You must have also gotten confused while writing some English letters and words. There are so many such words, which look similar but have slight differences in them. 

The same is the case with this puzzle, where you have to find out the word ‘Bell’. You need a lot of patience and attention while watching this optical illusion image. 

Kudos, to all those who were able to find the word ‘bell’ within the allotted time. For those who missed out on the correct spelling, here is the solution for you

Optical Illusion