Poonam Singh

Hungary-based digital artist Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, recently shared a brain teaser on social media that has left people pondering. The puzzle presents a witch and a collection of brooms, with the challenge being to find the broom that belongs to her.

Dudás posted the brain teaser on Instagram with the caption, "Can you help the witch find her broom? It’s the one that is not like any other." The image features brooms of the same colour and size, but they have varying patterns, each having a pair. However, one broom stands out as different.

Since it being posted, the brain teaser has received over 600 reactions and continues to garner attention. Puzzle enthusiasts have been sharing it with friends and family, and some have left comments, showcasing their enthusiasm for this tricky visual puzzle.

“Found it!” posted an individual. Another added, “Could also have been the one on the right in the second row. The darker side is narrower.” “Found it. There is a odd one out,” shared a third.

However, if you are still struggling to still find the right broom, don’t worry as you can find the answer in the video below and see how the artist has skilfully created this beautiful art.