Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru, the IT Hub of India, is also known for its traffic woes. Traveling in the city can waste hours of precious time and this picture of a woman working on her laptop while being stuck in a traffic jam proves just that.

In the viral picture, we can see a woman, supposedly an IT professional, working on her laptop while riding a pillion on a Rapido bike through the congested streets of Bengaluru. It appears that the girl is on her way to the office and might have started working after getting late due to the traffic jam.

The picture shared on Twitter first is gaining a lot of traction online. Sharing the picture, the Twitter user wrote, “Woman working on a rapido bike ride to the office.”

Similarly, another picture of a woman working on her laptop as she takes auto-ride is also going viral. The pictures have once again raised debate on working from home.

A user wrote, “This is why WFH is much needed but your management wants you to suffer.”

“Everything was fine with WFH but the companies had to have the upper hand and keep employees subjugated,” wrote another user.

“Imagine the pressure, the feeling of lost in your own city where you work 10+ hours a day, the disdain. All she required was a smooth traffic-less road where she could commute peacefully from her home and not account for the ‘extra’ hour it takes to commute through a 5km stretch,” commented another user.

A third user wrote, “Imagine the pressure if she has to work on a damn motorbike. How insensitive are the employers. But, if she is late due to her own accord then she is to be blamed.”