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Apart from being the IT hub of India, Bengaluru is also known for its poor traffic and unimaginable house rents. Many people have shared their experiences with house owners while hunting for rented accommodation.

Neeraj Menta, another Twitter user, has now joined the rent debate and shared his hilarious yet terrible experience of being interviewed by a house owner while looking for a house. He shared on Twitter how the interview with the house owner was more taxing than his startup’s seed round pitch.

Sharing his experience, Neeraj wrote, “My tenant interview was longer and more grueling than my Seed round pitch. I recently started house hunting in Bangalore and one owner wanted to interview me before saying yes.”

Neeraj continued, “Pre-interview - we had to send out a small list of data points about our background along with my wife and my LinkedIn profiles through the broker. Then once we got shortlisted the broker wanted to set up a call.”

“In the interview - he asked me detailed questions about my background, family size, etc., then moved to my startup. He asked me questions about the business model, burn rate, last-round investors, etc (he had already checked Crunchbase and pulled all the data)," wrote Neeraj.

“He also wanted to ensure we had enough runway to continue paying rent! I said my wife pays rent and he then moved to her LinkedIn profile which wasn't updated with the latest role. Then he mentioned his preference to give his flat to high-pedigree folks," said Neeraj.

According to Neeraj, the house owner then advised him on how to be careful in running a business and ensure good unit economics and a sound operating model. 

"He was well-meaning and said reasonable things, but I was surprised at how long the conversation went. And after all this, he said that he will come back to me in a day or two after having calls with a few other candidates who were interested to take the house. My wife thought I was in a fundraising pitch and asked how it went - I said "It went well, fingers crossed," the message read.

The hilarious interview has left social media users in shock and received a plethora of reactions from netizens.


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