Cassian Baliarsingh

Finding new accommodation in Bengaluru is not only challenging but is seemingly next to impossible. Apart from abundant job opportunities, Bengaluru - the Silicon Valley of India, is also known for the skyrocketing house rents and bizarre demands of house owners.

People going to Bengaluru to create an identity in the world of the Indian IT Hub have to go through unwanted problems because of the unusual demands of the house owners during rent. Due to high demands, landlords often interview their tenants and the tests appear to be more difficult than passing a Google interview.

A man recently shared his harsh experience of house hunting and revealed how it is way more difficult than cracking the Google interview.

Taking to his LinkedIn handle, Ripu Daman Bhadoria wrote, “I cleared the Google interview, but failed the tenant interview in Bangalore.”

“Last year, when I relocated to Bangalore from Seattle, I searched for a decent place to rent, but it was extremely difficult due to the high demand post-Covid. Given the demand, many apartment owners started interviewing prospective tenants. I was caught off guard as I miserably failed my first-ever tenant interview,” he wrote. 

“I directly asked the landlord for feedback on my interview performance and if there were any red flags they noticed. The landlord was transparent in sharing feedback that they believed I was likely to buy a house, given that I work in Google. I never thought that working at Google could be so disadvantageous,” he said. 

“However, I successfully cleared the next tenant interview,” he added.