Cassian Baliarsingh

Rental house searching especially in metro cities has become a challenge now with tenants facing a lot of hurdles to find out suitable accommodation. While brokers and agents have started quoting huge amounts to show a house, landlords are making it almost impossible to get a rented house, thanks to their unusual demands.

Recently, a tenant was asked for his LinkedIn profile while looking for a house to rent. The bizarre demand of the landlord has gone viral after the tenant shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp chats on Twitter.

The relatable post has created a buzz among Twitterati who claimed to be victims of such demands by the landlords and brokers.
Sharing a screenshot, the tenant wrote, “Day 12 of house hunting Indiranagar @peakbengaluru.”

In the message, we can see the landlord has sent pictures of a 2500sqft house and his message reads, “2bhk, 75K, 5 months deposit. Rent and deposit slightly negotiable.”

The tenant replies, “Everything looks great but 75K for 2bhk is too much. Can I see it in the evening??”

Again the landlord replies, “Share your profile.”

A confused tenant replies, “Profile?” and later sends his LinkedIn profile link.

Similarly, another landlord asked the tenant to write a small essay about himself. Twitter users are now going crazy over the bizarre demands and took to the comment section to share their experiences.

“Lmao, thankfully he didn’t ask for the CV,” commented one user while another user wrote, “Didn’t pass sanskaar aur pratishta round!”

A third user wrote, “This is happening a lot in Bengaluru. I know a couple of my friends who are ready to pay a good amount for rent but they’re asked a lot of questions with and then the rent is quoted again with an increased price… They’re still hunting for a house.”

“They have become HRs, After getting your profile and essay, he will say we’ll get back to you,” commented another user.