Cassian Baliarsingh

India’s IT hub Bengaluru has recently been hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons, thanks to its traffic congestion. More than its thriving tech industry, Bengaluru is making news for its traffic jams and worse road experiences.

There have been several stories of people being stuck in traffic for hours together. Earlier, there was news about children going to school in the morning and returning home at night. Similarly, there were reports of officer-goers spending extra hours in traffic. 

Meanwhile, an X user has shared a new idea to make the best use of traffic jams and her idea is a hit among netizens. The young girl identified as Prakriti has pitched a dating tip during traffic jams and the internet is giving thumbs up to her idea.

Taking to X, Prakriti wrote, “Bangalore dating tip: Try meeting earlier and commute together to your favourite spot during peak traffic hours. This way, you’ll get to spend much more time together and you’ll also find out if they have any anger issues.”

Since being shared online, her post has garnered 148.7K views with thousands of likes and comments from other X users.

“This is my litmus test - how are we together in traffic 😂,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Silk Board junction, waiting for that forward inch in a car with a companion. Frustration, anger, rest room need and the arguments (or discussions if you like) can be never ending. If it happens near full moon day sun set, the full moon bloom up, suddenly the mood changes!”

“Start dating when u start from home, get engaged by the time u reach Silkboard, you can expect first baby by the time u cross Tin Factory 😊,” commented a third user.