Cassian Baliarsingh

Bangalore! The name itself brings up a vision of IT companies, job opportunities, huge malls, shopping complexes and many other beautiful shopping destinations. Apart from all the good things it provides, the Silicon Valley of India is also known for its traffic congestion, skyrocket house rents and busy unfriendly lifestyle.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared his views on Bangalore and the internet was quick to react.

Sharing his views on the IT Capital of India, the Twitter user wrote, “Bangalore is very unimpressive. The state has no town planning, no culture, no contrasting personality, nothing. It’s like a suboptimal yet linear hangout spot for lifeless losers with money maybe. A 5km radius walk and you’re done seeing everything (nothing) it has to offer.”

The tweet has now gone viral with over 113.7K views and counting. Twitteratis are however divided over his opinion on the beautiful city and reacted in the comments section. While many agreed with the tweet, many others slammed him for calling Bangalore unimpressive.

Echoing his views, a user wrote, “Bengaluru as a city seems to be like that application that was coded completely on production. And different releases were connected later on through adhoc APIs.”

“As a life-long Bangalorean, I agree. It’s such a boring city if you don’t live near the Jayanagar area,” wrote another user.

A third user wrote, “Bangalore was once a favorite destination for many but lately Bengaluru is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Remember it’s just not the sparkling facades or happening malls but many other factors that make a place livable. This time choose wisely. Bring back the glory.”

However, many social media users were of the opinion that Bangalore is one of the most happening places in India.

“Haven’t been to Delhi or Mumbai, so no comments. But Bangalore is better than Mumbai if you have your own vehicle. Just better vibe. Mumbai has to be demolished entirely and rebuilt from scratch,” wrote a user.

Another user wrote, “Thank god.. people are disliking Bangalore. They will move out soon. It will reclaim its glory.”