Cassian Baliarsingh

A miracle baby, who survived under the rubble of their home in earthquake-hit Syria while her parents died, has been given a name and found a home.

The baby’s mother died after giving birth under the rubble of their home in the Syrian town of Jenderis. The baby was rescued with her umbilical cord still tied to her dead mother. Unfortunately, her father and siblings also died in the devastating natural disaster.

She has been named Aya which means ‘Miracle’ in English. Currently, the baby is under treatment at a hospital. The baby had bumps, bruises; she was cold and barely breathing.

A doctor’s wife has been breastfeeding the baby along with her child. Thousands of people had come forward to adopt Aya, but her father’s uncle has offered to adopt the baby and take her home.

The miracle baby survived under the rubbles even as all of her immediate family members have died. Now, her father’s uncle has decided to adopt her even though he has himself lost his family members in the quake. His own house has also been completely destroyed and he is currently living in a tent.

Aya is one of the several children who have been orphaned due to the earthquake. Meanwhile, the death toll in the devastating quake has crossed 21,000 on Friday.