Mrunal Manmay Dash

Shark Tank India-fame, Ashneer Grover, like many businessmen around the world has a love for high-end cars and has some of them in his garage.

In an interview, he revealed a piece of unique information about himself, which makes him different from many millionaires. The Indian businessman has revealed that he often buys used cars instead of brand-new models, which is quite the opposite of what other industrialists and businessmen do. Grover has explained why he does that.

In an interview, Grover said that he does not buy new vehicles fearing scratches and dents. However, in used vehicles, there are already a few scratches, so he would not fret about some more. He also added that his mood goes off for at least a week if his new car gets a scratch.

Grover also said that he has noticed many other big founders buy sports cars after getting funding for their businesses. He even narrated the story about Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal and how he purchased a Range Rover after securing the funding for his company. Grover further added that he also loves sports cars and wants to buy them whenever he gets a chance.

He shared another anecdote when a Jharkhand-based used car dealer sold him a Merc GLS 350 by telling him that it belonged to cricketer MS Dhoni. “The Merc had 007 as its registration number. So I thought that it must belong to a VVIP and Jharkhand has only one, MS Dhoni.”

For the uninitiated, Ashneer Grover was one of the toughest ones to impress on Shark Tank India. Talking about his personal life, Ashneer is married and has two kids. The BharatPe founder loves to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and is fond of cars. He owns a fleet of swanky expensive cars including a Mercedes Maybach, Porsche Cayman and more.