Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The incident of a porn clip played on TV screens installed at the Patna Railway Stations left everyone stunned and sparked outrage. And now, after a month, a similar incident reoccurred at the Bhagalpur intersection in which an obscene message was displayed on a display board.

As per reports, the display board, installed by the Jeevan Jagruti Society, was responsible for running public awareness messages about following traffic rules. However, someone tampered with the board’s chip and replaced it with a lewd message, reported Free Press Journal.

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Reportedly, the incident took place on Monday night at around 10 pm and the message continued to run on the board for 15 minutes.

The video of the same has gone viral on social media triggering outrage among netizens. 

As per another report, as soon as the news of the deplorable incident spread like a wildfire, police rushed to the spot. Police removed the board immediately and launched an investigation into the incident. Further, the report claims that a case has been registered. The police verified the CCTV footage installed at the intersection to trace the culprit. 

The president of the Jeevan Jagruti Society reached the spot. As per his statement, the society has been responsible for beautifying the intersection and running the display board. But, someone deliberately tampered with the chip on the board.

This is the second such incident reported from Bihar. 

The incident has once again highlighted the need for strict measures to curb such mischievous elements in society.