Cassian Baliarsingh

Skyrocketing prices of house rent prices, groceries, and other daily essentials make living in a metropolitan city burdensome. Youngsters these days move to metro cities after landing jobs at big multinational companies, but struggle with living in the city due to the high prices.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Medha Ganti has raised questions about the low salary of freshers in metro cities and their struggle for survival.
“Why are fresher salaries so low? How is someone supposed to survive in a metro city? With 50K a month, you’ll barely have any savings. Not everyone can take money from their families!” she shared.

She further added, “The answer can’t be make better career choices! People have different skill sets. 3rd year mein toh you start getting an idea of what you might want to do.”

Since being shared on Twitter, her post has garnered 1.2M views with 2568 likes and 970 quotes with. Her post kind of started a social media debate on the salary and lifestyle in metro cities.

“I too can relate, when I came to Bangalore my salary was 20K. 5K rent and 5K for food; 2K for other expenses, still saved 8K. If you wish to live you can sure live. I think it in the mindset,” a user commented.

A second user wrote, “Though I agree that 50K is low in a metro city, it totally depends on your lifestyle. For example, as a fresher I am also getting only 30K in Bengaluru, around 10K I send to my family, but still end up saving around 5K.”

“It depends on your lifestyle. I know people with lower than 50K salaries, but still end up saving at least 8-10K per month, post all expenses. And I also know people whose lifestyle expenses go beyond 50K,” commented another user.