Odishatv Bureau

The festival season is on. If you are in no mood for all the excitement that Deepawali or Diwali (as it’s also called) brings, you can always opt to take off on the weekend. You could take a short drive out or an hour long flight out of your city and experience these wonderful destinations. 

  • Mamit 

Mamit is located around 95 kms from Aizawl and famous for its scenic locales, the Dampa Tiger Reserve and artificial lakes. October to March is the best time to visit this little known corner of Mizoram.

  • Amritsar 

Amritsar is a sight to behold on Diwali as the city has the most stunning Diwali celebrations. For Sikhs, Diwali is a holy day, and when the Golden Temple and its surroundings are sparkling, Amritsar is the place to be. The celebrations conclude with lots of fireworks.

  • Gangtok 

In October, Gangtok observes the national Diwali Festival, which is a joyous occasion for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. The festival's central tenet - the triumph of good over evil is celebrated by lighting candles and lanterns. Since Gangtok has banned the usage of fireworks, the city is more tranquil than ever. 

  • Jaipur

Jaipur is decorated in the most unusual way on Diwali, with all malls and marketplaces competing with each other for the title of Best Decoration. Every corner, from the new streets to the ancient markets, is a sight to behold! There are endless photo ops - as Jaipur shows off its beauty through lit up monuments, palaces, havelis and marketplaces.

  • Goa

Though in the past Goa was the destination to be at around New Year, now the celebrations begin on Diwali itself. The main attractions here are the huge effigies of Narakasura - a demon, that are made on the occasion of Naraka Chaturdashi. These effigies are burnt late that night to symbolise the triumph of good over evil - the essential tenet of Deepawali. Different villages and localities compete with each other to erect bigger and more magnificent effigies.

So, use your weekend well. Take that well earned time off this Deepawali and visit these destinations to rejuvenate yourself.