Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is now introducing the group calling feature for macOS devices.

This enhancement allows users to make audio and video calls with selected participants directly from their Apple MacBooks.

With this new addition, WhatsApp aims to offer an improved communication experience and greater flexibility to its users.

Group calling on macOS

As per WABetaInfo, a trusted source for testing upcoming app features, the group call button on macOS was previously inactive or non-functional.

However, the latest WhatsApp beta update (version or newer) has now activated this button, allowing beta testers to enjoy improved communication features.

To participate in an audio or video group call on macOS, beta testers must update their WhatsApp app to version or a more recent beta release specifically designed for macOS.

After updating, testers can easily initiate a group call by accessing the calls tab and selecting the create call button.

According to WABetaInfo, an exciting aspect of this new feature is the ability to create group calls with people outside of your own group.
Users can choose specific participants for the call, giving them more communication options.

Currently, voice group calls support up to seven participants, but WhatsApp is expected to increase this limit to 32 in the future.

It is important to note that the limit for group video calls may be different, and more information will be provided in upcoming updates.

It can be note that the group calling feature is currently available only to selected beta testers.

Those interested in trying the beta version will need to wait for a future update to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Alongside the new feature, users may notice a changed icon in the chat header.

This updated icon merges the group calling and video calling options into a single button, simplifying the user interface and making it easier to participate in group calls.