Responding to a Twitter user, Elon Musk has said that the microblogging platform is not going bankrupt but is not secure yet.

Farzad Mesbahi, a YouTuber who covers future technologies, tweeted: "On today's All In podcast @elonmusk says, We've gotten the expenses (of Twitter) under control, so the company isn't on the fast lane of Bankruptcy anymore".

To which Musk replied: "Twitter isn't secure yet, just not in the fast lane to bankruptcy. Still much work to do".

Earlier, Musk in his monetisation drive to save Twitter rolled out Blue tick subscription, which costs $8 per month to purchase on the web or $11 per month via the iOS App Store.

The microblogging platform said that those who initially subscribed on iOS for $2.99 or $4.99/month will need to upgrade their subscription to $8/month on the web or $11/month (or your local pricing) on iOS or lose their subscription.

A few days ago, Musk showed his interest in offering people to invest in Twitter at the original $54.20 per share, at which he acquired the company for $44 billion.

According to news portal Semafor, Musk's money manager Jared Birchall has reached out to potential investors, "offering shares of Twitter at the same price, $54.20, that Musk paid to take the company private in October".