Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Truecaller and WhatsApp have announced a global partnership to combat spam calls, both video and audio, across the internet.

Truecaller, a provider of caller identification services based in Sweden, is bringing its caller identification feature to WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

This feature will assist users in identifying potential spam calls over the internet, which has become a growing issue in recent times.

What is Truecaller's Caller Identification Service?

The caller identification service offered by Truecaller enables users to recognise unknown callers, whether they are individuals or businesses.

This is accomplished by matching the phone number of the incoming call with Truecaller's database of phone numbers, which includes numbers of telemarketers, scammers, and spammers.

The service also enables users to block unwanted calls and messages.

How Will the Partnership Help WhatsApp Users?

Through the partnership between Truecaller and WhatsApp, users will be able to identify potential spam calls over the internet, whether they are video or audio calls.

At present, WhatsApp uses spam detection technology to identify and take action against accounts that exhibit abnormal behaviour, as well as allowing users to block and report troublesome accounts.

However, telemarketers and hackers frequently exploit WhatsApp to deceive unsuspecting users on the platform.